Renewable Energy Articles

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UK’s Offshore Wind Incentive Falls Short


Scotland Marine Energy


Wind: The Cheapest Power Source in Uruguay


Supporting Wind Development with Hydro Balancing Services


Getting an extra ‘Nip’ from Whisky


Depreciation Today over Generation-based Incentives Tomorrow


The Cheapest Route to Germany’s Renewable Energy Goal


Germany Models its Transmission System for 39% Renewable Energy


What is Power For?


Polish Renewable Energy Developers want Feed-in Tariffs


South Korea’s Green Road to Export Growth


South East Asian Energy Big Vision


Energy Planning for a Changed World


Pakistan Looks to Wind Power in a Crisis


Canada’s Patchwork Approach to Renewables


The Short-term Dip in China’s Ambitious Wind Power Plan


Wind Power Sector in Turkey in Take-Off


Brazilian Wind Power Cheaper than Gas


Liquid Air Energy Storage Looking for GWh Scale-up


China Becoming a Powerhouse in Lithium-ion Energy Storage at All Scales


Sunlight At The End of The Tunnel


Concentrated photovoltaics developers pushing for an opportunity


Community Power from Mobile


Large-scale renewable energy projects in Lesotho


Generation from biomass to grow in Ghana


Pay-as-you-go Solar at half the price of kerosene


Design Challenges of Building Integrated Photovoltaic


Japan’s Renewables Development Plans Face Challenges


Slow-starting Renewables Tariff Delivers a Boom


India’s Solar Ambitions Face Big Challenges


Making a success of Renewable Energy in Developing Countries


Italy’s Renewables Growth Dilemma


Obstacles to Renewable Energy Funding in the US


The Rise and Rise of Global Renewables


America’s First Offshore Wind Project Still Tackling Obstacle


IPCC report on renewable energy sources and climate change mitigation


Nimble Community Wind Projects Deliver Dollar Benefits


Green GO, No GO… GO Elsewhere


The world’s first waterless commercial-scale concentrated solar power plant


Clean Energy Funding Health Test


Packaging Renewable Projects for Bond Markets


Challenges to Baltic Wind Power Remain


Energy Transition in France


California: 2020 Renewable Vision


Removing Barriers to US Offshore Wind Development


Photovoltaics – the Law of Comparative Advantage in Action


Grid would counter Offshore Feast or Famine


Design Race in Wind Turbine Drivetrains


Indian Budget 2011-12: Renewables Battle to Keep Pace


Global PV market up 139% Tougher times ahead


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