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The aftermath of Superstorm Sandy

The Fight Against Climate Change Must be Obama’s Legacy

On Tuesday last week the earth breathed a sigh of relief as Barack Obama was re-elected as President of the USA. Although the popular vote – if not the final electoral college result – was close in America; the overwhelming majority of the rest of the World was supporting Obama. A BBC poll in 21 […]

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Barack Obama - Photo: BeckyF/Flickr

Why it’s best that Obama and Romney don’t mention Climate Change

The second American presidential debate took place on Tuesday and the general consensus was that Barack Obama had the better of it, reversing the damage to his campaign from his lacklustre performance in the first. In a debate described as ‘combative’ and ‘feisty’ one of the key exchanges was on energy policy. Over twelve minutes […]

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Energy and climate change secretary Ed Davey - Photo: Liberal Democrats/flickr

Two Cheers for the Energy Bill – And a Pat on the Back for Ed Milliband

Finally! It’s only taken two and a half years, but at last the coalition government have published their long awaited Energy Bill. It has been a tortuous process: dogged by interminable delay, protracted political infighting, behind the scenes wrangling and bovine interventions  – most notably from David Cameron and Junior Energy Minister John Hayes. We […]

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