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Whisky Waste Provides Bio Energy Source

The waste from Scottish whisky production will be converted to  a bio energy source. The advanced biofuel it produces is very close to gasoline in energy density. Each year the Scottish whisky industry produces about 1.6 billion liters of ‘pot ale’ and 500,000 tonnes of ‘draff’ as waste by-products. Celtic Renewables, a spin-off company from […]

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Wave energy technologies will make a significant contribution to Scotland's renewable energy targets - Photo: Oceanflow Energy/flickr

Scottish Marine Energy Moving Forward

Leading engineering companies and commercial banks are putting money in marine energy projects off the coast of Scotland. The Scottish government believes the industry will be competitive with other renewable energy sources by the mid-2020s. Scottish Marine Energy Developing Tidal and wave energy technologies will make an important contribution to Scotland’s goal of generating the […]

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Emissions trading maybe more cost effective for Germany than Feed in Tariffs - Photo: Dimitri Castrique/stckxchng

The Cheapest Route to Germany’s Renewable Energy Goal

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is the cheapest route to Germany’s renewable energy goal, says Professor Colin Vance of the Rheinish-Westfälisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (RWI-Essen). Most other renewable energy promotion policies are redundant. Germany should ditch its massively expensive feed-in tariff scheme, he believes.   Germany faces a major challenge if it is to achieve its […]

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