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Aedan is a business communications specialist with interests in the development of new technologies and in environmental issues. He is a former managing editor of Supply Network magazine and former editor of Industry Europe. He has edited or written Annual Reports for public limited companies in the UK and the Netherlands. Aedan has also written extensively for Higher Education institutions, mainly on research and internal management issues.
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Increasing Profitability through Flexible Energy Consumption

The concept of improving company profitability through flexible energy consumption is relatively new to most company managers. The identification of flexibility is not part of most energy reviews. Grid regulation across Europe has been blind to the benefits of onsite wind power with local consumption. Transmission, distribution and generation companies have little reason to champion the […]

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Hurricane Sandy damage in New York (Creative Commons)

Can New York’s Electricity Market Rules Change the World?

Can electricity market rules deliver technical innovation, environmental pollution reductions, and social benefits – while reducing the cost of electricity? Those are some of the rather ambitious aims of New York State’s “Reforming the Energy Vision” policy package. The Brooklyn-Queens Demand Management Program will be the first attempt to put their ambitions to the test. […]

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Exploiting niches in hydro power

The UN Industrial Development Organisation calculates that 87% of Western Europe’s economically viable small hydropower capacity has been exploited. In Northern Europe that figure rises to 95%. Yet, innovative companies in niche segments are seeing opportunities in hydropower – and good growth. MJ2, a small French hydro turbine manufacturer increased its turnover in 2014 by […]

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Zero-emissions refrigeration transport

An innovative zero-emissions motor for the refrigeration transport sector powered with liquid nitrogen is undergoing commercial road trials in Central England. Initial results from the trucks fitted with ‘Dearman’ transport refrigeration units are promising, according to the company. The Dearman systems cooled their trailers more quickly than conventional diesel-fuelled refrigeration units. Larger scale European and […]

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Storing Power as Liquid Air

A novel 5MW/15MWh liquid air energy storage system is nearing completion at a landfill waste site near the city of Manchester, England. The demonstration system will be connected to the UK grid to provide balancing services. The system takes waste heat from the jacket around GE Jenbacher landfill gas engines and uses that waste heat […]

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Reaching the Power of High Altitude Winds

A 16-meter long helium-filled cylinder will rotate creating considerable lift force. A ground-based winch-generator will convert the lift force into electricity.  Once the cylinder has reached its maximum height, its rotation is stopped and the module descends to its starting position. During  trials in April 2015, the airborne module will fly below 500m of height […]

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Nuclear power - the kind of thinking that created Concorde

Nuclear Power for the UK – Does it Make Sense?

The UK government is guaranteeing the purchase of power from a 3340 MW nuclear plant at €110 per MWh for 35 years. Now they are looking for developers to build further nuclear plants. Does this make any sense? The public trust in nuclear power is strong in Britain. All three major political parties back nuclear […]

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Safe Electrification of Argentina’s Poorest Homes

A compact, safe and quick-installation system for the electrification of slum dwellings has been developed in Argentina. Professionals from a number of Argentinian electrical associations and standards organisations came together to develop MICEM (‘Módulos de Instalación Concentrada de Electrificación Mínima’) which translates as ‘Compact Installation Modules for Minimal Electrification’. The project included the design of […]

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Picture: ARES automated Pilot Project Shuttle Unit operating in Tehachapi, CA on 9% grade electrified rail

Storing Energy on Rail Tracks

Moving rail cars up and down the side of a mountain seems like a very simple form of energy storage. It is cost-competitive and can provide a wide range of energy services to utilities, according to William Peitzke, the founder and Director of Technology Development for ARES – Advanced Rail Energy Storage In three years, […]

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An Energy Wikipedia

“Today, any buyer, owner operator or investor who is sophisticated in the wind industry speaks in terms of IEC terminology: a wind class, a turbine design class, turbulence levels, and so on. Everybody understands what is meant. The conversation is more fruitful and constructive and expectations are set more accurately.” This statement by Sandy Butterfield, […]

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