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CEOs pay lip-service to Teamwork

It is hard to find a top CEO who does not support the idea of teamwork and collaboration; but it’s harder still to find one who genuinely works as part of a team. “Collaboration at the top is a myth,” says Celine Legrand, an assistant professor in the field of human resources management Audencia Nantes […]

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Good Designers Understand Business Management Constraints

“There is a myth that if you introduce design into a company, it will always improve things,” says Dr. Nicolas Minvielle, Director of the Master’s of Science program in Marketing, Design, and Creation at Audencia Nantes School of Management. “The truth is that there are as many bad designers as there are bad marketers and […]

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Gossip can be divisive, creating an "in" group and an "out" group. Photo: J L Burgess/stckxchng

Gossip in the Workplace and Management

Considering how important gossip is for the operation of world markets and business, it is relatively under-studied, says Grant Michelson, Associate Dean for Research at Audencia Nantes School of Management. The world’s stock markets are grounded in a context of rumor and speculative activity, where people try to navigate using information that is more or […]

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