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Hurricane Sandy damage in New York (Creative Commons)

Can New York’s Electricity Market Rules Change the World?

Can electricity market rules deliver technical innovation, environmental pollution reductions, and social benefits – while reducing the cost of electricity? Those are some of the rather ambitious aims of New York State’s “Reforming the Energy Vision” policy package. The Brooklyn-Queens Demand Management Program will be the first attempt to put their ambitions to the test. […]

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Zero-emissions refrigeration transport

An innovative zero-emissions motor for the refrigeration transport sector powered with liquid nitrogen is undergoing commercial road trials in Central England. Initial results from the trucks fitted with ‘Dearman’ transport refrigeration units are promising, according to the company. The Dearman systems cooled their trailers more quickly than conventional diesel-fuelled refrigeration units. Larger scale European and […]

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Storing Power as Liquid Air

A novel 5MW/15MWh liquid air energy storage system is nearing completion at a landfill waste site near the city of Manchester, England. The demonstration system will be connected to the UK grid to provide balancing services. The system takes waste heat from the jacket around GE Jenbacher landfill gas engines and uses that waste heat […]

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Picture: ARES automated Pilot Project Shuttle Unit operating in Tehachapi, CA on 9% grade electrified rail

Storing Energy on Rail Tracks

Moving rail cars up and down the side of a mountain seems like a very simple form of energy storage. It is cost-competitive and can provide a wide range of energy services to utilities, according to William Peitzke, the founder and Director of Technology Development for ARES – Advanced Rail Energy Storage In three years, […]

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