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Bringing a Renewable Energy Project from Concept to Commercial Operation

Do you want to erect a wind turbine? Cover a storehouse roof with photovoltaic modules? Or perhaps you want to get the old village waterwheel turning again and generating electricity. What do you need to consider? Where do you start on a project like that? The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has published “A Framework for […]

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Cape Wind will be America's first offshore wind farm - Photo: John Nyberg/stckxchng

U.S. Offshore Wind Turbines Now a Near-Certainty

The installation of more than 100 wind turbines off the coast of the United States is now a near certainty. The first power is expected to flow from the turbines during 2013. Cape Wind Associates plan to build 130 wind turbines with a generation capacity of 420 MW near the island of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, […]

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Green Piggy Bank - attribute to Futurilla

First Green Investment Bank wants to turn a profit

The UK government is recruiting staff for the world’s first green investment bank dedicated solely to investing in green projects. The Green Investment Bank will work towards a ‘double bottom line’ of significant green impact and financial returns. Meeting the need with the capital available will be a major challenge. A UK Parliamentary Committee concluded […]

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Community - diversity from Stckxchng

Community Ownership Best for Renewable Energy Development

Community ownership may be the best way to achieve rapid renewable energy development. Early wind power projects were often small-scale and based on cooperative principles where the governance and the benefits were evenly shared. That was somewhat swept aside in the 1990s, Industrial-scale renewable energy needs industrial-scale, efficient, market-based investment, it was argued.  As the […]

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Energy and climate change secretary Ed Davey - Photo: Liberal Democrats/flickr

Two Cheers for the Energy Bill – And a Pat on the Back for Ed Milliband

Finally! It’s only taken two and a half years, but at last the coalition government have published their long awaited Energy Bill. It has been a tortuous process: dogged by interminable delay, protracted political infighting, behind the scenes wrangling and bovine interventions  – most notably from David Cameron and Junior Energy Minister John Hayes. We […]

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